Date:              Nov 23 - 26, 2020               


              Venue:           Protea Hotel                                                               Lagos, Nigeria.                 




  • Obtained a personnel certificate/certification in Functional Safety

  • Increases Functional Safety skillsI

  • Increases your value as an employee

  • Increases customer confidence in your specific skill set

  • Differentiates you from your competitors

  • Opportunities for advancement, responsibility, & increased compensation.



  • Provides proof of competenceHiring a FSP/CFSP/CFSE is a critical step in developing a safety culture

  • Screening criteria for hiring new employees.

  • Saves Money (Reduces False Trip Rate for End Users and Prevents Loss)

  • Process Safety engineer
  • Instrument & Control Systems engineer
  • Process Control engineer
  • Reliability engineer
  • Engineering/Operations management
  • Plant risk analysts
  • Loss prevention professionals




The course fee is USD800 plus applicable taxes.


The fee covers the following;

  • Course Materials

  • Training Certificate.

  • Lunch and snacks during the training




Protea Hotel

Plot 1700 Violet Yough Close

Victoria Island

Lagos, Nigeria.





FSE 101 (Days 1 & 2)


  •  Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems


  • Principles of Risk Management


  • The Safety Lifecycle


  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)


  • Consequence Analysis


  • Likelihood Analysis


  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)


  • Tolerable Risk


  • SIL Target Selection


  • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)

FSE 101 (Days 3 & 4)


  •  Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) failure


  • From Failure rate to SIL


  • Single devices to system


  • Redundant Architectures


  • Requirements to SIF


  • SIF Design and Verification in the Safety Lifecycle


  • SIF Detail Design


  • Operations






This course provides an overview of process industry safety engineering from the point of view of the Risk Analyst, Process Safety Coordinator, and Control Systems Design Engineer.
It delivers a complete overview of the functional safety lifecycle. The course reviews Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Consequence Analysis, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Target Selection, Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) generation, failure rates, device and system reliability, SIF verification, SIF detailed design and Operations requirements.




  • Certified Functional Safety Practitioner (CFSP)- This is targeted at professionals who need a thorough understanding of the Safety Lifecycle activities at the execution level. This is a certification program. Holders of CFSP certificate are listed on exidacfse website-


  • Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) - This is aimed at professionals where functional safety is a major part of their role in the organization. They are typically responsible for leading, coordinating, and reviewing the activities of the safety lifecycle, including the more complex activities such as SIL Selection and SIL verification. Holders of CFSE certificate are listed on exidacfse website-


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